Denise Stewart-Sanabria

Riding the Big Gun
Charcoal and Pastel Pencil on Plywood, Handmade Ceramic Crayons
70 x 50 x 6 in
"Riding the Big Gun" is a mixed media and plywood sculpture from Denise Stewart-Sanabria's award-winning series of free-standing representational figures. The scene depicted took place when a slightly drunk actor wandered into an opening reception Sanabria had at a friend's showroom in Knoxville. Her friend, a concrete and steel fabricator, had made a fake Gatling gun out of scrap metals, a rubber doll's head, and crayons. Sanabria handed the actor an empty wine bottle and asked him to yell something in French as a joke. To her surprise, the actor was relatively fluent and stood behind the sculpture, bottle in hand, and began yelling French revolutionary slogans. Sanabria took a photo and recreated the moment using charcoal and pastel pencil on plywood and handmade ceramic crayons.

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