Philip Holsinger

Sopo Preparing to Summit on Autumn Migration (2/10)
Matte-Ink Print on Cotton Paper
40 x 60 in
"Sopo Preparing to Summit on Autumn Migration" is a matte-ink print on cotton paper by photojournalist Philip Holsinger. The artist took the photo on an expedition with the Tusheti shepherds in the Republic of Georgia. Traveling with one of the world's oldest nomadic groups, the Tusheti Shepherds, their herds of sheep and pack of wolf-like guard dogs, Holsinger is the first "outsider" to complete the 155-mile migration from the high desert planes on the border of Azerbaijan, across the Republic of Georgia, and into the treacherous high altitudes of the Caucasus Mountains. This photo shows a Georgian Mountain Dog puppy named Sopo secured in a horse's saddlebag as they prepare to cross the Abano Pass through the Caucasus Mountains. It was featured in Chauvet Art's exhibit "SOPO: A Journey Home," which chronicled Holsinger's journey in an installation of over 100 photographs.

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