Inger Nova Jorgensen

Darkness to Light (2/6)
Bronze Sculpture
38 x 7 in
$30,000 or $3,000 per month with Art Money! "A figure of a woman shooting an arrow up to the stars directly overhead. This new sculpture depicts the strength, fortitude, and resilience of women, as an archer, directing her focus. It speaks to the power of focus and intention, as well as the connection we each hold to the cosmos. I hope that people find inspiration in the being-ness of this piece, as I feel she is depicting a particular form of mastery of consciousness that we could all strive for. The sculpture also certainly holds references to Diana (Roman) and Artemis (Greek), which in certain depictions represent nature, the wild, protector of those less fortunate, the Goddess of the wild and civilization, turning darkness into daylight (light-bearer), as well as Goddess of the hunt and the moon." Inger Nova Jorgensen

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