Beatriz Gerenstein

The One
Bronze with Red Patina
20 x 8 x 8 in
Limited Edition of 8 "The One" is a bronze sculpture with red patina from internationally acclaimed sculptor Beatriz Gerenstein's series "Knots." From the well of her deep spirituality, Gerenstein explores the existence of an omnipresent power and the ways it may influence our actions and relationships. "The One" represents this ruling energy that sets the order in the apparent chaos of the world that is beyond our capacity to influence or sometimes even comprehend. Gerenstein uses the deceivingly simple, solid form of a knot to serve as the perfect metaphor for this spiritual presence in our lives, the force that facilitates and ties our endeavors. The other artworks in the series "Knots" explore the relationship between this ruling force—divinity, karma, luck, time, or any other name a person may give it—and its interaction with us as human beings. Gerenstein considers how the sovereign force of the universe manifests its presence in our lives through our partnerships in love, work teams, and society.

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