Brett Weaver

Brett Weaver

“Process, design, and personal connections with people and the land around me are what hold my work together.”

Brett Weaver is a contemporary American impressionist who currently works and resides in Chattanooga, Tennessee with his wife Tianna and their twin children, Abbott and Emeline. Growing up in rural Tennessee, where his early childhood influences included faith, farming, engineering, and his family’s small-town country store, taught him to see the value of people, family, community, and the beauty of the world around him.

Brett paints with an abstract boldness and simplicity that comes together as you step away from his paintings and complete the details. His work offers a genre of visual poetry spoken through expressive shapes and layers of pigment to interpret and respond to his subject or lack thereof. His work relies more on design than subject matter, allowing for freedom and diversity ranging from traditional landscapes to abstract expressionism.

Although formally trained as a civil engineer, Brett continuously pursued art and grew his skills through advanced studio classes and workshops with independent artists at every opportunity, until he finally switched careers at the age of 29. His knowledge of design and mathematics as underlying principles provide visual balance in his work and set the stage for his creative expression, establishing boundaries so he can go beyond them.

Drawing from his engineering background, Brett uses bridges, roads, canals and windows as a conduit with the viewers to enter a visual dialogue. Patterns of irregular repetition are offered as a vehicle for movement within the compositions. Occasional figures in his work are typically non-descriptive faceless metaphors, representing solitude and meditation in his landscapes and energy and personal struggles and relationships in his cityscapes. These elements invite the viewer to become part of the painting and complete the dialogue.

Brett has earned numerous awards and museum shows, and his work is included among an extensive list of private and public collections, including the Tennessee State Museum, First Bank, National Medal of Honor Heritage Center, Chattanooga Westin Hotel, and Princeton Historical Society.

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