Carlos Gamez de Francisco

Home Decor V
Acrylic on Canvas
34 x 40 in
$7,000 or $700 per month with Art Money! "Home Decor V" is a figurative-surrealistic-style painting by Cuban artist Carlos Gamez de Francisco. It is part of Francisco's "Modern Decor" series featuring lavishly decorated furniture inspired by a specific childhood memory. In Cuba, his mother saved for two years to purchase a new sofa. It was such a sign of achievement for her that she covered it in plastic and did not allow anyone to sit on it. Francisco learned to admire it from a distance as if it was a piece of art in a museum. This particular piece features a gold sofa tufted in blue silk. The sofa's shape is distorted, with the middle of the seat stretched upwards. Francisco sets the furniture piece on hardwood floors in front of beige and gray toile-patterned wallpaper. As in many of his paintings, Francisco includes several large insects throughout the piece, either in flight or resting on the sofa or floor. Insects flying up represent freedom, insects flying down or falling represent chaos, and insects at rest represent balance between the two

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