Jorge Yances

La Palenquera
Oil on Canvas (Framed)
26 x 22 in
Artwork Size: 24 x 20 in "La Palenquera" is an oil-on-canvas painting depicting a woman from the Colombian town Palenque, the first officially free town in the Americas. Just south of Yance's birthplace of Cartagena, the village of Palenque de San Basilio is home to descendants of Africans who fled to Colombia to escape slavery. With a population of 3,500, the Palenque people have a unique and rich African culture that has been protected and preserved in Colombia for centuries. This painting is part of Yance's "Cartagena Memories" series in which the viewer catches glimpses of the narrative in the artist's native city. It is a silent procession of centuries-old stories and people embedded into the architecture, seemingly undetected by modern Cartagena characters. "This is more than paint on a canvas," Yances says. "It is the visual urging to detect the power of the stories that surround us."

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