Carlos Gamez de Francisco

Seating Etiquette Guide II
Acrylic on Canvas
38 x 30 in
"Seating Etiquette Guide II" is an acrylic-on-canvas painting by Cuban artist Carlos Gamez de Francisco from his series "The Art of Staring Into Space." As in the rest of his portrait series, the artist challenges traditional forms of portraiture. He breaks the historical criteria by depicting young women in modern clothes and casual postures in lavish settings with 18th-century decor. "Seating Etiquette Guide II" features a young woman sitting in an antique gold armchair with ornate silver upholstery against a lilac backdrop with an elaborate floral design. She wears large red eyeglasses and a brown button-down shirt tucked into high-waisted blue jeans. Her light-brown hair is tied into a knot with a gold scrunchie. The artist portrays her with casual confidence as she leans back in the chair with one leg raised and her arm resting on her knee. As in many of his paintings, Francisco includes several large insects throughout the piece, either in flight or resting on the chair. Insects flying up represent freedom, insects flying down or falling represent chaos, and insects at rest represent balance between the two.

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