Charles Keiger

Oil on Canvas (Framed)
36 x 41 in
Artwork Size: 35 x 40 in "Solar" is an oil-on-canvas painting by artist Charles Keiger. As in many of his works, Keiger composes this piece as if setting a stage performance. He creates a backdrop, framed in traditional red curtains, with a large sunflower taking the place of the sun and hovering above ocean waves that spill onto the wooden stage floor. On the stage, Keiger depicts a man reading a newspaper and a woman looking out at the waves to represent feminine and masculine energy. They sit on a pile of rocks and a staircase that give the impression of constructed set pieces. To the right, an extinct mastodon stands on a treetrunk podium that bears a window showing a melting glacier. According to Keiger, he began the painting with the simple idea of depicting a sunflower as the sun, and it eventually evolved into a subtle statement on climate change.

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