Chadwick Tolley

Chadwick Tolley

“I am interested in art that suggests a narrative,” says artist Chadwick Tolley. While he uses his personal experience as a point of reference for his prints, drawings, and collages, his work is not intended to be autobiographical.

“I hope that by examining my own experience, I can connect or relate to something universal,” says Tolley.

Each piece begins as an idea or desire to explore one of the many technical aspects of printmaking. Tolley starts by collecting images, sketches, and textures and then layers them to create the final composition. He avoids planning ahead and instead intuitively responds to the images as they emerge deliberately leaving behind evidence of deletions, corrections, and other marks as a documentation of the process.

Tolley exhibits widely across the United States and has won various awards for his work. His work is also included in several public collections in the United States, the Guangdong Museum of Art in China, and the Jordanian National Gallery of Art in Amman, Jordan. He also teaches Printmaking and Drawing at Augusta University in Augusta, Georgia.

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