Jerry Park

Jerry Park

Originally from North Carolina, photographer Jerry Park has resided in Tennessee since 1986. Drawn to photography since childhood, he began photographing landscapes, which remain a frequent subject of his. Park has also enjoyed creating a portfolio of assorted workspaces, everything from an artist's studio to a shoeshine shop.

For the past few years, Park has concentrated on photographing the backroads of his home state of Tennessee, which produced two books of photographs and short stories. He has continued his ventures to include all 50 states and plans to publish a third book in 2021.

Before retiring in 2007, Park worked in various positions and industries, including three years in the US Army, followed by nine years with Xerox in sales and sales management. He spent the following 17 years immersed in the music business, initially as a sales rep for a Christian music publisher and record company, then ultimately its president for the final seven years. Today, Park dedicates most of his time to pursuing his passion for photography. He continues to live and work in the Nashville area and is happily married with three children and five grandchildren.


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