Spending most of his life in Tennessee, Charles Ivey has created art in just about every medium, from welding steel to taking photos. Ivey currently works in encaustic-a form fo painting that combines pigment with hot beeswax and natural resin. 


He has done recent work in acrylics and venetian plaster. Ivey created truly unique pieces through various techniques and rarely approaches his work with any idea of the outcome.  

He begins by applying layers of paint to the canvas or board, then "works" the surface by moving and removing aspects of the layers to reveal the final piece.  During this process, his primary focus in texture and the merging of colors. 

Charles Ivey Chaos Theory #23 Encaustic on Panel (Framed) 20 x 40 in $2,595

                                                                                Charles Ivey Chaos Theory #23 Encaustic on Panel (Framed) 30 x 40 $2,595

"Chaos Theory #23" is an encaustic-on-panel piece by Charles Ivey from his "Chaos Theries" series. Ivey uses the encaustic process of combining hot beeswax and natural resin with, in this case, black, blue, and violet pigments.

Charles Ivey Wave and Particle #2  Encaustic on Panel (Framed) 24 x 24 in

You can view his work in our current exhibition, "Micro to Macro - Infinite Perspectives". We're showcasing a range of artwork that takes you from the small stuff to the big picture. Each piece gives you a different angle on the world aground us, making you think about how everything's connected. 

Charles Ivey X-Ornation Series I Encaustic on Panel (Framed) 49 x 37 in $3,795

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