Jon Crisp

Jon Crisp is a self-taught sculptor in Nashville, Tennessee. He works primarily in commonplace and discarded materials taking inspiration from the liturgical and institutional artistic traditions of the old world to explore the themes of expression, amalgamation, and legacy as relevant to today’s more malleable cultural edifices.

Greer Wilkins

Greer Wilkins is based out of Nashville, she is currently pursuing her BFA in Studio Art at Middle Tennessee State University. Her work highlights the unsettling undercurrents of reality.


 Carlos Gamez de Francisco

Carlos was exposed to Figurative Arts in Cuba.  Francisco began decontextualizing epochs and cultural symbols as a way of connecting the past with the present..


Jorge Yances

Jorge Yances reflects the Latin literary tradition of Magical realism with his ability to blend fantasy and reality in his artwork. He infuses his paintings with a sense of place, time, and narrative. 


 Lisa Shimko

 Lisa Shimko paints multi-colored painterly abstracts with honed animals imbued with an allegorical curiosity.

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