Current exhibition

The Art of Unity | October - December 2020

For the remainder of 2020, Chauvet Arts will present “The Art of Unity,”  a rotating group show featuring artworks from our diverse roster of experienced artists. In response to recent events and their major effect on the arts, this exhibit will give viewers a chance to reacquaint themselves with our wide variety of works, rediscover their love for the arts, and reinvest in the livelihoods of artists. “The Art of Unity,” will utilize all three of our active gallery spaces and include pieces from long-term gallery artists (such as James Threalkill, Laura Nugent, and Charles Keiger), recently added artists (like Gee Gee Collins and Higgins Bond), and our newest artist, Jorge Yances. Through the end of December, this shared and rotating exhibition will reflect an effort to equally celebrate and support our artists and their incredible work. 

Past exhibitions

Edible Dramas: Indulgent Art to Expose the Human Appetite

| Summer 2020 |

Chauvet Arts presents “Edible Dramas: Indulgent Art to Expose the Human Appetite” which features the work of Denise Stewart-Sanabria, a Knoxville based artist. Comprised of vivid “portraits” of everything from produce to subversive jelly donuts, Stewart-Sanabria’s work strives to challenge a deeper understanding of the human appetite. 


Art that Matters: 20 Distinctive Women that are Changing the Art World  

| Spring 2020 |

Showcasing only women artists, from Cassatt and Krasner, to artists making their mark today such as Gee Gee Collins and Marilyn Artus, this exhibition will showcase various works from around the globe and promote visibility for women in the arts.

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